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We are creative problem solvers for established and emerging brands. Our omnichannel distribution network delivers speed, flexibility and cost savings.

Here’s how we do it:

Your product comes to us from the manufacturer and is stored in one virtual inventory.

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Your goods are received, stored, and ready to ship in 3 different channels.

Direct to Customer

Direct to Retail

Direct to Wholesale

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Customer places an e-commerce order

Items are received to inventory

Orders are received to inventory

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Items are picked, packed

Items are picked and sorted

Orders are picked and routed

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Items are personalized for your customer

Items are prepped for the store (end caps, kitting, tagging, labels)

Orders are checked for vendor compliance and shipped to DCs

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Items delivered to home, on time!

Items delivered to specialty retail shops and stores.

Items delivered to retailers’ distribution centers.

athletic propulsion labs

Being a true omnichannel brand, APL needed a world class omnichannel fulfillment provider that could efficiently scale and grow with our direct-to-consumer (D2C), retail and wholesale businesses. As category leaders, Whiplash provides our customers with same day shipping for e-commerce orders, they comply with complex retail routing guides for our wholesale orders and replenish our retail store orders, flawlessly. The key to our successful partnership is simple, effective communication and responsiveness. Whiplash delivers both.

nj falk, managing partner at athletic propulsion labs

NJ Falk

Managing Partner,

Athletic Propulsion Labs, LLC

Connected, scalable, and personalized omnichannel fulfillment for our clients:

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Learn more about our omnichannel solutions.

E-commerce fulfillment

Executing a flawless e-commerce experience is harder than it looks. Our direct-to-consumer omnnichannel fulfillment makes it easier. A lot easier.

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Retail distribution

Retail ready with experienced people, value added services, and state-of-the-art technology.

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Wholesale fulfillment

Strategically located at each major U.S. gateway – a 3PL designed to meet the needs of the nation’s largest retail manufacturers.

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