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Robotics + automation

Speed and accuracy are vital ingredients for successful fulfillment. Our automation capabilities ensure that your operation runs as efficiently as possible.

LocusBots: Effective Warehouse Automation

Boost productivity

LocusBots’ collaborative approach with our floor associates helps to minimize activities that slow down the fulfillment process, such as long walking times between picks and carrying heavy loads. Bots ‘walk’ alongside associates to both identify optimal routes for picking and carry items ready to undergo the packing process – meaning reduced errors and faster turnarounds.

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Manage surges in demand

Continuing peaks in e-commerce sales create unprecedented demand for rapid fulfillment. The flexibility provided by robotic automation allows us to deploy our workforce for more advanced logistical tasks during peak times – meaning no slowdowns for your customer orders during critical times.
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Valuable day-to-day insights

Our Locus Management Portal provides ongoing information on the speed and efficiency of the fulfillment process – including hourly pick data, daily volume, pick maps, and the ‘heat’ of pick locations so we can continually streamline warehouse management across our facilities.
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Enhanced SKU management

Whiplash’s automation initiatives give merchants greater flexibility in how they manage and store their SKUs across our network. Our scalable management system can facilitate dynamic pick locations to increase speed and efficiency – invaluable for businesses with broad SKU counts and high inventory turnover.

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Prioritizing employee safety

COVID-19 has added many challenges to the order fulfillment process – not least keeping our employees safe and healthy. LocusBots aids us in our mission to prioritize staff safety, making social distancing requirements much easier to achieve in our 6.5 million square feet of warehouse space nationwide.

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Advanced robotics to meet consumer expectations

Give yourself a distinct competitive advantage by partnering with a fulfillment provider who’s always ready to embrace the latest innovations in AI and automation. Higher productivity, faster picking, better accuracy – in a strategy that’s cost-effective for your business.

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