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Transform your Shopify orders into shipped packages with the power of Whiplash’s advanced integration with Shopify Plus. Achieve real-time order and inventory visibility direct from your Shopify store through a convenient, easy-to-use shipping app interface.

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Streamlined Shopify integration for hassle-free fulfillment

Easy integration with your Shopify store is one of the most important features to look for in your fulfillment provider – and Whiplash is here to help!

What our Shopify Plus integration gives you

Customer expectations for convenient and rapid fulfillment have never been higher, but Whiplash’s 3PL integration with Shopify takes all the hassle out of running your online store. Whether you’re after better inventory management or cost-effective shipping strategies, you’ll find it all right here.

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“We are Shopify-based, so the technical integration with Whiplash was seamless and straightforward. The onboarding process was very professional, and we saw how much of management’s attention went into it.”


Zvika Alon, Chief Operating Officer of Edikted 

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Manage your orders with ease

With Whiplash as your 3PL Shopify integration partner, you can browse, update, pause and cancel your orders on the go through the Shopify shipping app’s intuitive interface.

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Import orders automatically

Orders are sent straight through to Whiplash in real-time whenever a customer places an order via your Shopify store - ensuring rapid fulfillment and shipping.

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Browse by order type

Navigate your orders with ease inside the Whiplash interface by assigning “direct to consumer”, “wholesale” or “dropship” to your orders for clarity.

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Receive regular updates

Always know the status of your orders through our detailed order statuses that keep you in the loop - no matter where your orders are being fulfilled.

Set rules for ultimate control over order fulfillment

Execute custom rules for packing and routing via the intuitive Whiplash interface. Set shipping methods, add custom packing slips, and more in just a few clicks to create memorable brand experiences.

Ship affordably and effectively

Whiplash’s default ‘cheapest rate’ algorithm will calculate the most cost-effective delivery option for your chosen service level or days-in-transit requirement for each order, so your business doesn’t end up paying over the odds for shipping.

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