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What is ChannelApe?

ChannelApe is the command center for your fulfillment operations. Set up intelligent fulfillment workflows across various locations like 3PL partners,  warehouses, retail stores, and other fulfillment locations to enable faster, more seamless fulfillment.

ChannelApe’s virtualized inventory, global 3PL network, and business intelligence allow brands to focus on sustainable and flexible growth while maintaining memorable customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

Why ChannelApe + Whiplash?

By connecting Whiplash’s scalable fulfillment platform with ChannelApe’s real-time inventory and order management capabilities, merchants gain access to an intuitive, all-in-one dashboard that gives them unparalleled visibility over their fulfillment operation.

From rules-based order routing and packing to custom, value-added fulfillment services, Whiplash + ChannelApe is a gateway to streamlined, down-to-the-minute fulfillment for higher conversion rates and happier customers:

  • Ship from the most efficient warehouse location. Keep your delivery timeframes as short as possible to meet customer expectations by setting up custom routing rules.
  • Flexible, real-time inventory reporting. Take advantage of a real-time flow of information that can be filtered to find the most relevant orders and SKUs.
  • Seamless pre-selling to handle backorders effectively.  You’ll never have to worry about not fulfilling your promises with the pre-order management tool, which allows you to start selling SKUs as soon as they are in transit.

Easy order tracking for up-to-the-minute updates. Never be out of the loop again with proactive notification during every step of the fulfillment, shipping, and delivery process.

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