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Introducing Carbon Neutral Orders

Whiplash has partnered with EcoCart to offer our community of brands a free e-commerce plugin that gives your customers a carbon neutral option checkout.
When your customers see the impact they can make while shopping with you, they are more likely to checkout now and keep coming back later. That means helping save the planet while increasing cart conversion and customer retention!
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Making the world a cleaner,
healthier place

Whiplash Community Impact

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lbs of CO2 offset

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trees saved

How it works

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Our algorithm determines the exact cost of offsetting the emissions from manufacturing and shipping of each order.

illustration of a hand holding a phone. on the screen is the option 'make my order carbon neutral'


Your customers have the option to check a box to make their order carbon neutral, usually adding 1-2% to their total.

illustration of trees and clouds with the text 'minus eight pounds CO2 absorbed'


Then we use that commission to fund projects like planting trees or building wind farms.

Why offer carbon neutral orders?

67 percent check if a brand is sustainable before purchasing
92 percent want to support brands taking climate action

The Journey to Zero Impact

We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier place. By advocating for the future we deserve, we can effect real change in the world.

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