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COVID-19 worker safety for 3PLs and warehouse providers

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Today’s “new normal” for 3PLs and fulfillment providers

As a result of the restrictions to control its spread, supply chains have been upended worldwide from halted and suspended production lines and warehouses to stock outages, shuttered retailers and backed-up shipping ports once shipments started moving again.

Worker health and safety is especially paramount for the nation’s 3PLs, fulfillment and warehouse operators—many of these businesses are considered part of the U.S. essential critical infrastructure. For these logistics workers, such as drivers, warehouse associates, managers, and equipment operators, the high-touch aspects of goods moving through a supply chain contribute to the risk of outbreaks. Strictly following all CDC guidelines and recommendations can help maintain a healthy and safe work environment during such uncertain times. Whiplash has taken it a step further, documenting its practices and internal company guidelines, called the Safework Playbook: An interactive guide for COVID-19 pandemic return to work. While internal policy and procedures continue to evolve and updates are made, our current practices are outlined within the COVID-19 Safework Playbook.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, selecting the right e-commerce and retail logistics partner has never been more important. Download your copy of the interactive guide.

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