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Brand-building during a downturn: How merchants grow loyalty in a recession

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2023 has just begun, and the word ‘recession’ is at the forefront of brand and consumer conversations. For retailers, an economic slowdown will call for a good look at where they’re spending, where to cut back, and how to refocus growth. For customers, a cost-conscious approach means choosier purchasing habits. While the economy may look bleak at the moment, we do have some good news. Prioritizing customers in difficult times can lead to opportunity, loyalty, and growth. The looming question is: How can brands continue to stand by their community and drive success in a challenging climate?

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What’s inside?

  • Learn about the current state of e-commerce and what customers are expecting from brands during these difficult times.
  • Discover actionable tips for enhancing the customer experience, building a loyal community, and optimizing the online journey at every touchpoint. 
  • Understand the impact of a strong supply chain and learn where to invest for a streamlined, cost-effective retail operation.

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