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7 questions to evaluate 3PLs for “retail readiness”

Retail success depends on delivering your products at the right place and time, correctly configured, and ready for sale to customers.

As we make our way into a ‘new normal’ after Covid, consumer behavior is continuing to shift. In 2023, customers want to be able to shop both online and offline, without any hiccups. For e-commerce brands, it’s high time to develop an omnichannel fulfillment strategy – one that includes partnering with retailers for in-store purchasing. But retail success is not easy to come by. Brands who step into the retail game will need to make sure their 3PL partner is ‘retail ready’ – meaning they have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a best-in-class retail fulfillment solution. 

What’s inside? 

  • Understand 7 key questions to ask potential 3PL partners when evaluating ‘retail readiness’ 
  • Discover the different types of fulfillment strategies a 3PL partner can provide solutions for
  • Learn about the technology and operational expertise needed for seamless omnichannel fulfillment solutions 

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