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Growth Strategies for ecommerce brands & retailers

The rapid growth of direct-to-consumer ecommerce has accelerated the push to digitally transform online storefronts. Digital transformation (DX) refers to the process of digitizing your retail operation, from customer communications to supply chain management. Enhancing these many touchpoints across the customer journey is the key to targeting, converting, and retaining shoppers at your ecommerce store.

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What’s inside?

  • Learn how to optimize conversions at your ecommerce store through on-site pop-ups and personalized promotions.
  • Discover how you can save time and bandwidth by automating your communications with customers.
  • Find out how cross-border commerce provides endless growth opportunities and enables your brand to stay competitive.
  • Best practices for ecommerce fraud prevention and checking that your strategy is up to scratch.
  • Get ideas on how to pioneer an ecommerce shipping strategy that optimizes for cost and speed.
  • Learn how to create a customer-centric return strategy that boosts repeat purchases.

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