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Outerstuff: Pioneering responsive multi-node fulfillment

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Scalability remains one of the biggest challenges facing fulfillment operators today. Businesses find themselves either scrambling to find the labor to fulfill a sudden spike in order volumes, or else investing in expensive warehouse space and automation technology which ends up going under-utilized. 

The solution? Partnering with a well-resourced 3PL who can put a flexible and advanced multi-node fulfillment network at your disposal.

Outerstuff currently operates out of Whiplash’s Los Angeles and Savannah, Ga. distribution centers, with additional facilities in these regions provided at their disposal when needed. This advanced multi-node strategy can be scaled up or down according to seasonal demand, giving the brand an unparalleled level of adaptability. 

“Whiplash helped us to pioneer a sophisticated multi-node fulfillment approach that can be easily scaled up or down depending on our needs,” Feindt said. “These capabilities have been invaluable in our efforts to remain one of North America’s premier licensed sports apparel providers.”

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