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Bold fashion meets flawless fulfillment

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Moda Operandi

The fashion industry might have experienced a major wobble in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t all been bad news. Even as in-store sales plummeted due to lockdown restrictions, the opposite trend could be seen online.

The e-commerce fashion sector hit $664.5 billion in 2020 – a growth of over a quarter within a single year. With forecast growth of nearly $1 trillion by 2024, online fashion shows no sign of slowing down as consumers adjust to new shopping habits.

But more sales opportunities also mean more competition for customers. As the e-commerce sector grows more competitive, brands will need to look for new ways to set themselves apart.

In 2021, it’s the customer experience (CX) that counts. According to a Forbes study, 74% of consumers say that they are likely to buy based on CX alone, a clear sign that product variety is no longer enough to entice consumers.

For online retailers, the fulfillment process is one of the biggest opportunities to surprise and delight customers – and a well-resourced fulfillment partner is the key to success.

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