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When you’re running a 3PL fulfillment operation, the unexpected is always just around the corner. A major retailer needs to adjust packaging. A product experiences a price change while in transit. Your new on-line promotion includes a free gift with every order. It isn’t always possible to pre-empt these curveballs, but you can have a provider who gets your product ready for sale exactly how you want it – no surprises.

That’s why we offer a full menu of 3PL value-added services at all of our facilities which are totally customizable to your supply chain needs. With Whiplash, you can meet rising customer expectations without moving inventory or facing the complications of outside vendors. We’ll get your product configured to your requirements, quickly and without fuss.

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Specialized value-added services for retail, e-commerce, and apparel

Watch our apparel services overview video:

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Apparel services

• GOH (garment on hanger)

• Sewing

• Label changes

• Folding

• Unpack and hang; hanger change

• Polybag

• Size ring

• Alarm attachment

• Clip, button, and belt

• Press and steam

Watch our Kitting and Subassembly video to learn more about how our customized systems and services can make your product ready for selling:

E-commerce services

• Gift wrapping

• Specialized packaging

• Return label insertion

• Personalized notes

• Boxed sets

• Subscription services

Retail services

• Re-ticketing

• Labeling

• Promotional/season packaging

• Security control application

• Repair and alterations – point-of-sale display

General 3PL value-added services

• Kitting and Subassembly

• Repacking

• Quality inspection/repair


• Light manufacturing

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