We keep your goods moving – from the port of entry to their destination

National multi-mode transportation strategies

In retail, speed to market is essential. Omnichannel shippers need a drayage provider that can move their goods from ports and vendors to our warehouses, and multi-mode transportation options to then quickly move the goods out to DCs, stores or the customer’s front door. Our national transportation network keeps your products moving.

Fast, efficient port drayage

With decades of experience at all major points of entry – including LA, Seattle-Tacoma, Savannah, and New Jersey – we are accustomed to navigating the special drayage requirements of each location. Our clean truck fleet, knowledgeable drivers, and 24/7 dispatch operations perform drayage quickly and professionally for faster distribution.

Optimized Parcel shipping

Parcel shipping isn’t just about service – it’s also about driving profitability in e-commerce fulfillment. The Whiplash platform offers advanced, multi-carrier shipping optimization to select the lowest cost option that meets your service requirements. This information is passed onto your online store for accurate pricing via our seamless integration with all major e-commerce platforms.

Shipping to 90% of the U.S. within 2 days

• Local port knowledge
• 24/7 dispatch
• Intra-city, mall, direct-to-retail delivery
man carrying containers into a store

Rapid retail store delivery

Whiplash can handle the most demanding intra-city and mall deliveries with our versatile fleet that ranges from small straight trucks for stand-alone replenishment to 53-foot trailers for longer-haul, multi-stop deliveries. With optimized route planning and reduce idling strategies, we ensure that our fleet will never slow you down.

Vendor consolidation

To save you both time and money, we integrate shipments from domestic and international vendors at key import locations. This service includes managing PO pickups from U.S. vendors, receiving into the same inventory as your international shipments, and fulfilling customer orders anywhere in the country.

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