Streamlined and effective distribution to every corner of the U.S.

A nationwide network

The strategic locations of our 24 facilities make Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash uniquely positioned to manage your inbound goods. With 10+ million square feet of multi-client and dedicated warehouse space at our disposal surrounding the ports of New York/New Jersey, LA/Long Beach, Savannah, and Seattle, we can deliver powerful distribution strategies that exceed customer expectations.

Expertise with large-scale retail and wholesale fulfillment

Failure to comply with retailer rules can mean penalties and a damaged relationship. That’s why it’s important to work with a fulfillment provider who knows the rule book for every major retailer.

Whiplash manages high-volume orders to nearly all major U.S. retailers, and understands the complex set-ups often needed for success. Our expertise helps you to avoid costly chargebacks and adjust quickly to new requirements for more affordable and effective distribution.

Modern warehouse management

All of our facilities are equipped with advanced software for real-time inventory visibility, control, and accuracy. Our proprietary WMS, manages warehouse resources, including space, labor, equipment, and material flows, to deliver streamlined operations that can reduces costs and inefficiencies. Unlike many providers, we take a flexible approach to WMS deployment, using either our system or our customer’s system in our operations. This way, you’ll have continuous visibility to your inventory – no matter what WMS you use.

WMS flexibility: your system or ours

We take an open and flexible approach to WMS deployment. Our team can run operations using either Event Tracker or the WMS platform you’re already using. Our in-house WMS experts can quickly implement your existing WMS platform, meaning faster onboarding and a seamless transition into our facilities.

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6.5 MILLION square feet of warehouse space

• Chargeback avoidance
• Efficient DC bypass
• Proprietary WMS

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State-of-the-art, integrated systems

• Real time visibility
• Specialized e-commerce capabilities
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Fast and efficient transloading and crossdocking

Our modern fulfillment facilities are designed to manage everything from quick-turnaround transloading to complex crossdocks with automated induction and high-speed conveyors. Our optimized storage allows us to combine inbound freight with replenishment inventory to support both store and DC operations. We also offer container freight station and bonded warehouse services at all of our locations.

Cost-effective, reliable DC bypass

Shipping goods to the center of the country, only to then ship them back to the coast, results in slow and costly distribution. We make your supply chain more efficient by segregating orders by geograpic region and delivering your goods directly to customers near the port of entry. By cutting centralized distribution centers out of your supply chain, our DC bypass services shorten the time-to-market and saves significant transportation costs.

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