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The complete guide to white glove delivery services

illustration of a masked mail delivery carrier in a doorway

Imagine that you’re just ordered a dress online from a well-regarded fashion label. As an included service, the brand will deliver the garment to you via overnight delivery so you can have it the very next day.

But that’s not all; when the delivery arrives at the time you nominated, the dress is complete with a garment bag and padded hanger to avoid it getting creased or damaged in transit. The delivery person hands you a handwritten note from the brand thanking you for your purchase and even asks you if you would like the dress placed in a certain room of the house.

As you probably figured out by the second paragraph, this certainly isn’t your standard ecommerce delivery.

This scenario is known as ‘white glove’ delivery – a curated experience that is fast rewriting the rulebook on exceptional ecommerce service.

What is a white glove delivery service?

As illustrated above, white glove delivery is a premium, end-to-end delivery service characterized by perks such as specialist shipping/handling methods, tailored transportation, and advanced customer care. It’s a cut above regular delivery methods, with the goal of maximizing convenience and catering to customer preferences as much as possible. 

The personnel involved in white glove delivery will usually have special training and/or a personalized approach from the information provided by the brand, hence the term ‘white glove’ to describe this elevated standard of service. 

White glove delivery will usually involve the following:

  • Appropriate shipping/handling
  • Product assembly/inspection
  • Specialist packaging
  • Dedicated customer service representatives
  • Custom delivery times

White glove delivery in the age of experience-led retail

Traditionally, white glove services were part and parcel of purchasing products that require special assembly or installation, such as furniture or appliances. This is either included within the sale price or as an optional extra that customers can select during checkout.

However, defining white glove delivery in these narrow terms is no longer accurate. Logistics experts usually discuss white glove delivery in the context of specialized product categories, rather than how white glove delivery services can be used to help businesses build a curated brand experience.

For luxury brands in particular, white glove delivery enhances the customer experience and helps to create a higher perception of value through strategies like overnight delivery, personalized interactions, and memorable unboxing experiences. This is especially widespread within product categories such as fashion, jewelry, home decor, and catering, where consumers tend to expect more tailored services.

But as the customer experience becomes one of the biggest brand differentiators in retail, more merchants are showing interest in how white glove delivery could present a valuable addition to their customer retention strategy.

How does a white glove delivery service help your business?

Deliver a stellar customer experience

There’s a golden rule in customer service; treat customers as though they’re the only one that matters. This has only grown more important in ecommerce, as consumers pivot from defining brands by pricing and products to the end-to-end experience they offer. 

According to PwC, 73% of consumers say that customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions, while 43% say they’re willing to pay more for greater convenience.

White glove delivery is a powerful customer retention mechanism because ecommerce often lacks meaningful touchpoints during the post-purchase experience. A seamless delivery experience involving a high level of communication, timely delivery, and enjoyable service demonstrates that a brand sees its customers as their top priority – the key to fostering long-term loyalty.

Reduce transit times

Because white glove delivery is usually available either for specific SKUs or VIP customers, this segmentation typically results in lower volumes that allow for much faster delivery and direct transit. When rapid (and free) delivery has become a widespread expectation for many online shoppers, white glove services help brands to meet these expectations head-on – while also offering a major point of difference from giant online retailers.

Lower chance of damage

This is particularly relevant for businesses that are frequently handling and delivering fragile goods. No matter how carefully you pack up items to avoid damage, the unthinkable can always happen – especially during transit. Using white glove delivery allows you to retain much more overnight on the delivery process through a more attentive and considered level of service.

Three fulfillment services for top-quality white glove delivery

Premium packaging

Think of your white glove delivery service as telling a story about your brand; every piece has to be carefully considered. After all, how would it look if your delivery person knocked on your door with a dented box with items rattling around inside? However you try to spin it, this also puts a dent in your delivery experience as a whole.

Your packaging plays a really important role in setting the stage for a memorable product unveiling. Materials such as custom boxes, ribbon, and branded tissue paper create an immersive brand experience that delights customers upon delivery, making it the perfect cherry on top of a memorable shopping journey.

Real-time delivery tracking

Using real-time tracking allows your customer to follow the progress of their item in transit. It’s one of the best ways to alleviate delivery anxiety in your customers, which is especially useful for retailers who are selling high-value items. It also promotes trust and transparency in your brand, as well as increasing convenience for your customer by removing the need to contact service reps to ask for updates.

Route optimization

If your customer has nominated a specific delivery time, it’s vital that your drivers are able to choose transit routes that minimize disruption and idling time. Route optimization software takes note of all delivery locations in order of priority and generates the most efficient transportation routes for your drivers, eliminating human error and ensuring better performance.

Want to offer your customers the best white glove delivery service? Partner with an experienced fulfillment provider

As we’ve explained above, white glove delivery services involve a lot of moving parts, from the packing process all the way to the knock on the front door. To curate the best possible experience for your customers, it’s a good idea to partner with an ecommerce fulfillment provider who’s experienced in custom subassembly and last mile logistics. This way, you can focus on creating a memorable white glove delivery experience – without getting bogged down by the tricky details.

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