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Welcome to the Whiplash partnership program

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At Whiplash, we believe that joining forces makes for a better user experience for our customers. That’s why we’re taking our community-based approach to the next level with the launch of the official Whiplash partnership program.

Being able to access vetted and tested technology solutions make all the difference to a business’s success. The purpose of the Whiplash partner ecosystem is to curate best-in-class solutions across a broad range of categories and incorporate them into our services. Our customers can focus on building their brands – not wasting time looking for the right provider. 

What is the Whiplash partner program?

The Whiplash partner program is an exciting development in our commitment to providing leading ecommerce solutions to our customers. It offers another avenue for bringing both our industry expertise and value-added relationships directly to our customers, cultivated from decades of experience in the ecommerce and fulfillment space.  

By being proactive in bringing other like-minded, value-led ecommerce solutions into the fold, we can offer merchants best-in-class solutions and technologies that streamline their operation and maximize growth opportunities.

“The Whiplash partner program is the next step in our commitment to providing customers with best-in-class ecommerce technology solutions,” says Ryan Powell, Senior Vice President of Ecommerce at Whiplash. It’s a way for us to formalize existing partnerships and provide a pathway for strategic and technology vendors to provide value to our customers while continuing to support their current tech stack.”

Why are we launching a partner program?

Today’s merchants are having to grapple with advanced technical requirements to run their businesses effectively. Since we first launched, Whiplash has maintained a variety of integrations across the ecommerce ecosystem. These connections have enhanced the power of our platform and enabled our customers to achieve faster, more responsive ecommerce operations.

Our new partnership program is designed to build a broader ecosystem of proven solutions providers and technologies that help ecommerce merchants scale their businesses, while also and strengthening their value proposition in an intensely competitive market. 

“One of the most challenging parts of being a merchant today is that there are so many options. There’s a plethora of technology solutions and service providers to choose from because the barriers to entry into the ecommerce marketplace are very low,” says Marco De Paulis, the Director of Partnerships at Whiplash. 

“In an effort to help our customers identify the best, the most trustworthy, and the most effective solutions, we’re doing the due diligence on our customer’s behalf by building relationships proactively. This helps our customers to quickly and efficiently make the best decisions to improve their operations and sales growth.”

How does the program work?

Our partnerships program is the composition of two initiatives: Integration partnerships and strategic partnerships.

What are integration partnerships?

Our new integration program is an expansion of our existing integration network, with the goal of offering merchants a broad variety of seamless turnkey solutions to streamline their ecommerce operations.

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Our open API makes it easy to develop powerful plug-and-play integrations that enhance the merchant experience. By reducing the amount of time and resources that merchants spend integrating solutions or relying on third-party connectors, we can eliminate key pain points and create the ultimate curated toolkit to help ecommerce businesses scale faster and stronger.

What are strategic partnerships?

Strategic partnerships are a fresh addition to our partner program that enables other best-in-class solution providers to join our ecosystem. From agencies to marketing tech and customer support, strategic partnerships are open to any leaders in their space who can provide a high level of value to our customers.

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By bringing together a wider range of service offerings into the Whiplash ecosystem, we aim to deliver as much value as we can to our customers who are invested in growing their business and enhancing the customer experience.

Why join the Whiplash partner program?

Tight-knit relationship. We can offer dedicated Partner Manager and technical support to all of our partners to ensure that everyone’s customers are getting the very best out of our service. 

Valuable co-marketing opportunities. We cut through the noise by creating content that’s tailored to the unique needs and challenges of our customers. Enhance your brand by getting your services and expertise in front of the right audience.

High-quality referrals. Being part of our partnership program means being able to help our customers who have a need for your service. By collaborating with our partners with mutual customers, everyone can succeed.

How to become a Whiplash partner

Interested in joining our partnership program? Head straight to our Become a Partner page to tell us why you’d love to work with Whiplash.

To find out who is already in our ecosystem, check out our Partner Directory. We have several exciting partnership announcements coming up soon, so watch this space!

partner program press release Read the full press release

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