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Small parcel continues to explode

parcels per person in different countries; 'japan leads the pack in parcels per capita'


Parcel volume continues to explode globally, with China leading the way (40.1 billion domestic parcels and 28% YoY Growth) according to Pitney Bowes Shipping Index released Tuesday.  

That the US continues to top gross revenue counts in this area ($107 billion) with only a quarter of China’s volume, speaks to the glaring discrepancy between average parcel costs in the two countries. US: $8.95, China: $1.83.

As small parcel shipments grow internationally, returns grow proportionately. DHL is piloting a new cross-border returns process to deal with the growing challenge.

Digital lock maker Latch announced a new $70 million round as it races to become the defacto smart-lock provider for urban shipments. In addition to agreements with UPS, Walmart, and Jet this round was led by Manhattan real estate developer Brookefield.


No one is safe. Amazon is further pushing into the e-com ad-space (google) by announcing an attribution pixel.

“The reason each platform is intent on having their own attribution system is that they know the other platforms cannot be trusted to properly credit ads outside their own platform. Google is always going to say it’s ads were more effective in driving the conversion just as Facebook and Amazon will.”

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Party City explains their logic in deciding to sell on Amazon.


Courtesy of The Prepared comes this excellent deep dive into supply chain transparency. This one hits close to home—while we give our customers radical transparency into their fulfillment at every phase, Whiplash is just one module in the supply chain to end consumers.


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