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Repeat purchases made easy with hyper-personalization

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This blog is an excerpt from our latest ebook “The Metaverse of Now: How hyper-personalization is bridging the retail divide” by Whiplash partner Repeat, a best-in-class retention commerce solution.

Ever since Meta (formerly Facebook) labeled the metaverse ‘the future of the internet’ there’s been a lot of debate about what form this digital reality will take. While the metaverse is still in the process of emerging, one thing is certain: hyper-personalization will be a major theme.

In the world of VR, we’re already seeing its close relative: customization. You can create your avatar, set up your virtual home, and choose your favorite apps. Why? Because it’s all about making the experience personal to us. It’s our own little slice of the metaverse, designed exactly as we want it.

Hyper-personalization in the real world

Although hyper-personalized virtual experiences are a long way off, there are plenty of real-life examples that come to mind. Picture your local coffee shop. You go there every day, the baristas know your name, and they might even start getting your drink ready as soon as they see you walk in.

Isn’t this one of the most personal experiences a brand can deliver? They know what you want (your drink) and they know when you want it (as soon as you come through the door).

What if that same level of hyper-personalization could exist in the world of e-commerce?

Let’s stay with the above example. Swap out “coffee shop” for “your favorite coffee brand,” then swap out the barista for some clever automation technology that knows what people want and when they want it. Repeat is that technology.

Customers can easily order their favorites with Repeat

Our tool allows CPG brands to easily create personalized shopping carts that are preloaded with the products that customers are due to reorder. The result is a smooth e-commerce experience that makes repeat purchases easy for customers and simple for brands to execute.

When a customer buys your products, they are giving you all the data you need to hyper-personalize the experience: they’ve told you what they like. That’s why it’s an easy sell when the barista asks if you want the usual.

Likewise, that’s why it works for Repeat’s brands when they integrate our solution into their SMS and email efforts. Send a link and customers can pull up their personalized cart on-demand. From there, they are just a few clicks away from restocking their favorites.

Repeat knows what customers like (based on their order history) and knows when they will likely want to buy again based on product type and typical purchase intervals. The result is a hyper-personalized shopping experience come true.

While many brands are spending a ton of money and time to track customers and pin down the best workflows to get customers to repurchase, brands like OLIPOP are using Repeat to meet customers where they are—thirsty for more of what they love.

If we think about the metaverse, it’s all about on-demand experiences—what you want, when you want. It should be fluid, effortless, and constant. That’s the energy Repeat is bringing to the forefront of e-commerce right now. And for our brands and their customers, it’s working.

the metaverse of now: how hyper-personalization is bridging the retail divide
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