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3 reasons to outsource ecommerce order fulfillment services

Warehouse aisle in an ecommerce fulfillment facility

Running a business demands awareness of a multitude of factors, and this is no less true for digitally native brands selling direct-to-consumer. Aside from just the manufacturing and presentation of a product itself, brands must think of where to store inventory and how customers feel about their business’s convenience with regard to shipping.

The fulfillment process can be resource-draining, taking focus away from main objectives like growing the customer base. When a brand experiences an internal resource struggle between core business functions and fulfilling orders, it may be time to consider partnering with an outsourced provider that has the expertise and resources required to handle the customer demand. 

Here are a few reasons why businesses should outsource ecommerce fulfillment.

1. No Warehouse Management Needs

Tangible products need a place to sit until people, machines and processes can organize them as they await delivery to customers in safety. This is why warehousing is a widespread part of many business supply chains. A problem with warehouse management is the cost of maintenance. A typical warehouse will deplete capital through rent, insurance, utilities, worker wages, and the price of equipment and machinery. Ecommerce fulfillment mitigates this because it takes care of the warehouse. The best ecommerce shippers use Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management System (OMS), and inventory control system that allows for real-time data reporting, an essential component when considering vendors.

2. Improved Shipping Costs and Speeds

Shipping can be a deal-breaker for both a business itself and its customers. People want shipping to be fast and cheap. It may not be feasible for businesses to attain these capabilities when they lack warehousing or shipment facilities close to the product’s destination. This is another reason why businesses outsource ecommerce fulfillment. By doing so, they can provide their customers with appealing shipping rates and speedy delivery. Partnering with a fulfillment provider with multiple locations near ports on the East and West coasts of the U.S. is key. This offers the ability to store goods in places nearer to their customer bases to reduce shipping costs and time.

3. Increased Business Reach

Alone, a growing business may not have the means to ship to a growing customer base. An increase in volume, resulting errors, shipping to customers outside of the U.S.—or even distant states within the U.S.—can all be issues. This can limit its customer marketplace or negatively affect the business by not being able to adequately scale with consumer demand. Taking care of the concerns involved with developing a business’s growth can also be a complicated undertaking. Having ecommerce fulfillment experts at one’s disposal will allow a business to scale faster, service more customers with less costly fulfillment errors, and improve delivery efficiency. 

For any direct-to-consumer business struggling with the details of order fulfillment, Whiplash has fulfillment experts available to help address these issues. We provide omnichannel distribution solutions that allow us to support ecommerce businesses impeccably in all the ways stated here as our clients seek to create an ideal customer experience.

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