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Port Logistics Group delivers over 17,000,000 masks as partnered brands respond to COVID-19

assorted masks distributed by plg with partnered brands

As we work together through these extraordinary and uncertain times, PLG’s brand partners are demonstrating extraordinary creativity and compassion in refocusing their resources in respond to COVID-19.

Many apparel brands served by Port Logistics Group found themselves in a unique position to help with mask production during the height of the pandemic, and their dedication to continue the effort to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) continues today. As a logistics and fulfillment provider to apparel companies, we have delivered over 17 million masks to date while following the CDC guidelines for keeping our warehouse associates safe.

Designers, luxury labels and fashion conglomerates nationwide are stepping up to help overcome shortages of masks and other PPE. Brands from around the nation are doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Here’s a few examples from Port Logistics Groups apparel customers:

Apparel brands respond to the need for PPE

Hedley & Bennett

Nurses of Hospital of Central Connecticut with their donated Hedley & Bennett masks.
Nurses of Hospital of Central Connecticut with their donated Hedley & Bennett masks.

Hedley & Bennett, a manufacturer of handcrafted chef-quality aprons, has developed their Wake Up & Fight Mask campaign to battle the spread of the virus. For every masked purchased, the company is donating one to those who need it most—doctors, nurses, first responders, food service workers and others who are on the front lines. A late-night call from Hedley & Bennet’s founder to PLG looking for help in quickly getting these masks in customers’ hands led to a 48-hour project implementation for this product, including setting up a new distribution point in PLG’s Southern California operations.   

Johnny Was

woman wearing johnny was mask

Johnny Was, a clothing designer that crosses cultures and defy trends, sees no reason why its contribution to masks should be any different. The designer quickly applied their unique aesthetic to masks and face scarfs. Every mask sold is followed up with their buy-one, donate-one policy, keeping frontline workers safe and fashionable. With exploding order volume since April, Port Logistics Group quickly scaled operations to deliver millions of face masks for the brand.

Tommie Copper

tommy copper masks

Tommie Copper, a wearable wellness company that designs comfortable compression apparel, has mobilized to create their first ever COMMUNITY WEAR™️ Face Mask in response to these unprecedented times. Infused with their patented Copper Znergy® technology that kills odor-causing microbes on the fabric, demand for the masks has skyrocketed. Port Logistics Group’s OmniChannel distribution capabilities ensure that masks are delivered to Home Depot distribution centers as well as directly to consumers, from multiple US distribution locations. Tommie Copper is active in the local community, feeding local healthcare and first responder communities who are facing unprecedented challenges to keep us safe. The company is also currently working with Port Logistics Group to send 20,000 pair of their Tommie Copper compression socks to frontline workers across multiple industries in health, medical and safety sectors.

We are all in this together

“From our smallest brand operation to our largest, it is truly inspiring to see so many brands helping to provide relief in every way that they can.”

Janise Kring, Executive Vice President of Operations at Port Logistics Group

“Our contribution to these brand efforts is being flexible, responsive and fast, to ensure the masks get to their destinations and brand promises are kept.” As these examples illustrate, Port Logistics Group remains dedicated to providing its brand partners with a best-in-class supply chain that enhances the customer experience.

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