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How to leverage full-funnel personalization strategies in ecommerce

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It used to be that delivering an online order on-time to the right location was all that a merchant needed to do to make their customers happy. But in 2022, consumers expect far more from the brands they shop with. It’s not enough just to cover the basics; you also need to create an experience that feels unique and genuine if shoppers are going to come back again.

How? By embracing personalization. 

91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that feel relevant to them. This makes personalizing the shopping experience one of the most important things for your brand to focus on. 

Personalization is the differentiating factor that drives not only initial customer acquisition, but plays a key role in retention and overall growth. But how can you make sure that you’re delivering the right message to the right visitor at the right time? 

Let’s start with the basics of personalization at every point in the customer journey – and how you can start creating these on-site experiences.

Personalization through the customer journey

Top of the funnel

Using personalization makes visitors feel like you know who they are and what they want because you can tailor each message to specific interests. For those at the top of the funnel, this relies on using traffic sources such as referring UTMs and the first URL seen, among others, to discern what their interests may be. 

From here, you can create targeted lead captures for opt-in visitors via email or SMS for an opportunity to continue the conversation if their first visit doesn’t lead to a sale. For paid media or other acquisition campaigns, you can mirror the creative/coupons from the campaign to create a seamless experience from ad to your website. 

If they’re direct traffic, you can use a different approach. They may need less education than first-time visitors, you can even use pop ups to target email but non-SMS subscribers with an opt-in to sign up for texts. And finally, don’t forget to use hidden fields in your lead captures to pass additional data points onto your MarTech stack for personalization both on and off-site!

Middle of the funnel

In the middle of the funnel, you can use personalization to maximize revenue per customer and build a deeper understanding of your visitors. Personalization is not only more likely to convert visitors into customers, but also increase how many products they buy per order, their order total, and overall brand satisfaction. 

On-site strategies like personalized product recommendations based on products browsed and purchased are a great way to add personalization & lifetime value. You can also use dynamic cart banners to show visitors how much they need to spend to unlock free shipping or a free gift. As they add items to the cart, the banner counts down until they’ve reached the threshold, creating real-time personalization and gamification while preventing surprise shipping costs that could lead to an abandoned cart.

End of the funnel

Finally, we come to the end of the funnel. There are in-cart/checkout page cross-sells for last-minute add-ons based on their cart contents. If they abandon the cart and return later, you can show them their items in a pop-up and take them straight to check-out.

Direct-to-consumer selling allows brands to take a more personal approach, giving you the chance to build an emotional connection and value over time, making it imperative to understand your customer’s needs and wants. Use personalized onsite messaging to guide these shoppers through their journey, helping them find what they need and making them feel special rather than just another website click.

Personalization at every stage with Justuno

Implementing personalization on an ecommerce website can be an intimidating undertaking for online sellers. The more personalization initiatives you have at each stage of the customer journey, the more there is for your business to keep track of. 

To make sense of whether your efforts are working, you need a robust personalization solution that can assist you in coordinating and monitoring the success of your website experience.

Justuno is a conversion optimization platform providing onsite personalization capabilities for ecommerce, publishing, and SaaS businesses worldwide. Justuno offers a complete suite of tools that provides ecommerce brands with granular control over their personalization efforts and offers near-instant ROI. Offer individual product recommendations, tailor messaging, and uncover actionable insights about your customers that result in better targeting of your audience – all from one intuitive platform.

Justuno + Whiplash: Enabling growth at every touchpoint

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In the evolving and competitive world of ecommerce, it’s never been more important for merchants to focus on personalization and conversion optimization to grow sales and keep customers coming back for future purchases. 

Whiplash and Justuno are dedicated to enabling ecommerce growth right from the first website to the moment a customer’s order arrives on their doorstep. By bringing together Whiplash’s best-in-class order management capabilities with personalization management from Justuno, merchants can serve customers with a tailored experience at every touchpoint for responsive shopping journeys with boost retention and sales.

Find out more about the Whiplash + Justuno partnership here in our partner directory.

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