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Important features of ecommerce fulfillment software

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Running a business is not for the faint of heart. Leaders must be focused, organized, and able to manage a team of employees. Listing out all the responsibilities it involves is enough to stress anyone out. Luckily, business owners don’t have to chug energy drinks all day to keep their companies afloat. Instead, they can utilize the resources available to them to make their lives easier. One tool that can drastically reduce business-related headaches is ecommerce fulfillment software. This piece will talk about the important features of ecommerce fulfillment software that every ecommerce business should know about. It’s okay to ask for help when it’s necessary—after all, teamwork makes the dream work! 

Keeping track of inventory

One of the most significant benefits of using ecommerce fulfillment software is being able to track inventory. Businesses must always have enough product in stock to keep up with demand so that customers don’t see the dreaded “out of stock” slogan on a website. Yet, keeping track of what’s in the warehouse is more difficult than most people think. Well, business owners don’t have to stress out about it any longer because there’s top-of-the-line technology out there that makes it easier to stay organized. This software allows inventory managers to take a deep breath so they can keep calm and carry on.

Cutting-edge technology will allow professionals to see the status of their orders and order history. This is invaluable to business owners who need to stay on their A-game. Ecommerce software enables users to see when they’re running low so that customers always see bestsellers on the site. At the end of the day, business leaders know that the most important thing is keeping customers happy.

Pausing & editing orders

Ecommerce fulfillment software also lets customers adjust orders when necessary. Sure, shopping online is a blast! Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a new outfit while binging their favorite series on Netflix? Yet, we all know that sometimes buyer’s remorse sets in. People check their bank accounts and wonder why they purchased a multi-colored kimono. Or, on the other hand, shoppers can fall madly in love with a sweater and decide to add it in every color of the rainbow. Not all hope is lost, though, because ecommerce order fulfillment software can help companies make these adjustments.

This technology can help businesses change their shipping methods or quantities up until the very last moment, so customers can change their minds and adjust up until the product reaches their doorstep. This adaptability is instrumental in keeping a customer base happy and managing an ever-changing business world.

Routing, returns, & exchanges

Unfortunately, sometimes people want to do more than edit their order; they want to change it entirely. When this happens, businesses can benefit from having superior ecommerce fulfillment software at their disposal. Ecommerce fulfillment technology lets companies process hands-free deliveries. This means that customers can return their orders using the pre-packaged slip and do everything else online. Limiting contact with other individuals is more important than ever given the current climate. Shoppers want to know they can still enjoy their favorite pastime while also being safe.

Another benefit of using this software is that it allows companies to change their routing information at a moment’s notice, no matter how large the order. Perhaps a business owner decides they want the products sent to their house instead of the store. Luckily, this change is possible with a few clicks of a button. That’s why allowing businesses to change routes is one of the most important features of ecommerce fulfillment software. Just as it is with consumers, it’s perfectly okay for a business owner to change their mind at any point in the process.

Communication & branding are key

There’s nothing worse than a package delay that takes way longer than expected. Sometimes, customers need these items for a birthday party or wedding. Or perhaps they were planning on wearing a killer suit they ordered online to a job interview. For these reasons, communication between carriers and companies is crucial. That’s why more businesses should consider using ecommerce fulfillment technology. Businesses can stay in contact with delivery carriers throughout the entire process to ensure that customers get what they want when they want it. This open line of communication also gives owners a unique opportunity to brand their businesses. Using ecommerce software, our clients can create stunning brand logos and packaging that’ll stand out on the market. Businesses can take advantage of this technology to create something interesting—something that isn’t so cookie-cutter.

Reach a global market

One of the most important features of ecommerce fulfillment software is that it reaches a global market. We live in a global world, people. Social media has made it easier for individuals to interact with citizens of other countries. People can even have full-blown relationships with others on the internet—sometimes without even meeting them. The point is, the World Wide Web has made Earth feel a bit smaller. Fortunately, businesses can use this to their advantage.

Ecommerce order fulfillment software gives business owners the opportunity of a lifetime. By using state-of-the-art apps, companies can reach a larger audience and ship to various regions across the world. Every business owner knows there’s no such thing as too much business. As such, companies should consider using software that operates on a global network so that business is always #booming.

Our goal at Whiplash is to help companies streamline their ordering processes. We’ve become an industry leader in this field because we offer the technological features discussed in this article. We understand that people are shopping online more than ever right now. To business leaders, these changes and growing demand can seem overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

We aim to be scalable, accurate, and flexible. If anything, 2020 has taught us how important it is for companies to possess those traits. Customers can trust us when we say that we have awesome customer service and know what the hell we’re doing. Our customers can count on us to be a source of calm during this beyond crazy time. Businesses should feel energized by the number of online orders coming in, not stressed. Who knows, maybe one day, things will become so organized that leaders themselves can stay on the couch and watch Netflix. Fingers crossed!

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