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Does the e-com train have brakes?

infographic of online vs offline population in united states and china


An e-comm bull market on the horizon? In his most recent Medium piece, Nicholas Kinsport cites the underlying tech and macro-economic trends he believes indicate the big things to come.

The New Yorker brings us a broad look at China’s modernizing internet population, which is expected to at least double in the next few years. Time will tell if, China’s biggest online marketplace and current third-largest tech company worldwide, will surpass Google and Amazon in revenue as vast swaths of the country come online.


Amazon got news that the same regulators behind the $5 billion fine against Google are now investigating their use of customer data in order to play favorites. Even as Axios says that the EU crackdown on Big Tech is missing its target, it’s news Amazon surely isn’t welcoming.

Amazon announces a ton of new Alexa-enabled gear.


Savant Supply Chain Congress | Amsterdam | Oct. 2–3, 2018
Internet Retailing Conference | London | Oct. 11, 2018

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