Beauty fulfillment

Effortlessly provide a branded experience to your cosmetics customers.

Self-service returns

Allow returns, fully configurable for music industry needs.

Custom packaging

Specify beauty product packaging for us to use, or supply your own.

Custom Packing Slips

Brand communication tailored for your cosmetic products customer.

Lot Control

Total visibility end to end, with an optional FEFO or FIFO shipping process.

Large-scale inventory control

Thousands of SKUs? Not a problem. Manage outbound FIFO & FEFO sequencing with Whiplash’s proprietary lot control system.

Send influencer kits with ease

Deliver your brand in style with massive batches of kitted cosmetic care packages.

Flexible warehouse features

Cosmetic products require special environmental conditions to keep them fresh through their expiration dates. Use our network of facilities to meet your cosmetic storage needs for climate control and FDA compliance.

Optimized cosmetics fulfillment

Using AI, Whiplash Smart Rate Selection analyzes your order history to develop a cosmetics shipping strategy: One that optimizes for cost while keeping transit times your customers expect.

Simple, scalable cosmetic fulfillment pricing

Global facility network

Scalable health and beauty fulfillment, with fast shipments... anywhere.

Routing rules

Intelligent bundling and location-dependent shipping.


Hands-free fulfillment, tracking, and confirmation.

Pause and Edit Orders

Make bulk adjustments before shipment on the fly.

Cosmetics fulfillment services for growing startups and established brands.

Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

We help emerging and established brands deliver their brand experience.

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