Damaged Inventory management

Understand how much inventory is damaged, and order it from the facility.

Customer Dashboards

High-level account views are now visible to all customers.

Changes to “Available” and “Process Orders”

A bug fix, and some terminology fine-tuning.

Introducing Templates

Useful infrastructure for everything from wholesale to dropshipping.

New tools for facilities

More flexible Locations, and tuned Staff permissions.

Whiplash status

Our operational status amid the COVID-19 crisis

Emergency carrier actions

COVID-19 impacts on shipping, and how we’ll handle them.

COVID-19 recommendations

Here’s the latest on how the new coronavirus may affect our business.

How to handle delayed shipments

Whiplash can help you get delayed shipments back in control.

Shopify Order editing support

We’re researching the best way to support Shopify’s new feature.

Upcoming releases & 2020 plans

Our plans for the future are shaping up.

2019 Holiday Preparation

Help us help you: with projections and sale dates, we can plan the best Q4 ever.

To Our Friends and Customers:

We’re joining forces with Port Logistics Group.

DHL Express International Enacts HTS Code Requirement

Update your tariff codes for smoother customs clearance.

2018 Holiday Shipping Cutoffs

Publish these to help your customers get their gifts on time.

Cutoff for new signups is October 1

New customers need to get in while the getting’s good in 2018.

Announcing: Whiplash Peterborough

The second Whiplash UK facility.

Announcing: Lot Control, FEFO, and FIFO

We’re excited to announce Whiplash Lot Control.

A First Look at Rules

It’s high time that you got to peek behind the curtain, and confirm that everything’s wired up to your liking.

Introducing the All-New Whiplash Dashboard

It’s been years in the making, and it’s finally here!

Announcing: Low Inventory Notifications

Today we’re happy to announce we’ve added two additional Notifications.

New Integration: Returnly

Returnly’s award-winning returns platform allows your customers to create returns and buy again with instant refunds—before even shipping their items back.

Introducing Our Updated Nav

Scheduled for launch Monday October 9, 2017.

Announcing: Customizable Notifications

Customizable Notifications has been one of our most requested features and we’re excited to announce its release it today.

New Integration: Skubana

Our most recent omni-channel platform integration.

Announcing: Report Issue

We’re introducing a new feature called Report Issue to make it easier than ever to report a problem.

Whiplash Goes Canada

We’ve been working hard to get this ready—and many of you have been asking about this—so we’re excited to announce our newest facility outside of Montreal in Quebec.

New Integrations Schedule + WooCommerce

At the start of the year we set some internal goals related platform integrations. Whiplash is primarily a technology company, and one place that shines through is in our ability to connect to whatever platform our customers are selling on.

Kickstarter Killer: Kingdom Death

Three years after launching its monstrously successful, Kingdom Death board game on kickstarter, Adam Poots and the team from Queens, NY is back again with a new version.

2016 Holiday Shipping Cutoffs

The official Whiplash order-by and corresponding carrier ship-by dates to get packages to their domestic destinations by Christmas.

Imports, Exports, and Saved Docs!

We’ve added some nice functionality around these elements that we think you’ll like.

A Fulfillment Journey with Kickstarter, pt. 1

This is Part 1 of a series documenting my personal experience on Kickstarter.

The Twelve Year Overnight Success

When I told my close friends I was starting a fulfillment company, you could see them flinch and try to mask their disappointment.

New DHL Rates

We’ve just negotiated some smoking new rates for expedited international Shipping from DHL (DHL Express)—and wanted to let you all know. Savings are coming in between 40–80% of comparable ship methods!

Custom Packaging from Arka

Design and manufacture custom packaging with a few clicks.

Announcing the Whiplash Partner Network

Tuesday from the stages of 500 Startups‘ Demo Day we officially announced the launch of our Warehouse Partner Network—a revolutionary approach (we think) to solving a number of fulfillment issues. Since its inception in 2009, Whiplash has been growing at a steady clip. A strong foundation in technology and responsiveness to customer issues have consistently [Read More]

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