Client Case Study: Rex Specs

Rex Specs 3PL Case Study

Many factors contribute to a business’s success and external factors can certainly help or hinder the business’s progress. This means it’s critical to be mindful of the market in which you’re operating. Many companies and individuals have flourished partly because they were in the right place at the right time, and were well prepared to execute their idea.

It’s all too easy to just say these people were simply lucky, but businesses don’t succeed by accident. They may be fortunate to have worked with the right people and the right resources, but that doesn’t change the fact their base idea and business practices were truly in demand.

Today we want to highlight one of our clients, Rex Specs. Purveyors of well-crafted canine eye-protection from UV rays, wind, and debris, Rex Specs was spawned from a simple idea, and has since grown into a dominant force, cornering the market on functional eyewear for dogs.

Rex Specs 10x

Since January of 2019, when the company joined with Enlinx for 3PL services, Rex Specs has been able to increase their daily orders by a factor of ten, going from 20–40 orders a day to 200 or more. That number is only expected to rise.

While Enlinx’s 3PL expertise and service certainly played a part in enabling Rex Specs’ growth — the truth is that their unique product and smart business choices have done the heavy lifting.

In 2014, Aiden and Jesse Emilo were told by the vet that their two dogs were experiencing the onset of vision problems, and that it would be important to limit their exposure to sunlight. This was heartbreaking for the Emilos, who love the outdoors and spending quality time with their dogs.

It occurred to them that humans in similar situations can wear sunglasses to decrease the UV exposure to their eyes, and began searching for similar products for their dogs, only to find that there weren’t any great options on the market. It was then they decided to cobble together something of their own from an old pair of ski goggles. Through experimentation, they were able to fashion some goggles specifically suited to their dogs, and enjoy precious outdoor time with their best friends, without risking damage to their dogs’ eyes.

Those early Rex Specs prototypes certainly began turning heads, and as the Emilos realized how well their invention worked, as well as the potential demand for such a product, they began production and sales of the goggles, shipping their first product in March 2015.

As Rex Specs increased production, it became clear they would need a 3PL. Any ecommerce based business that reaches a certain size will eventually reckon with the fact that the resources they have access to as a small company may be outpaced by the needs required to efficiently meet growing product demand and fulfilling orders.

There was just no way we could do it as well, or as cost-efficiently on our own than we could do with a 3PL

It’s also important to find a 3PL that is a right fit for your company. Over the years, Rex Specs partnered with a few different 3PLs, and though they each had their benefits, it can be a difficult relationship when a 3PL’s way of business isn’t aligned with your needs and goals.

Eventually, Rex Specs partnered with Enlinx, where they were happy to find a more harmonious match. For instance, Rex Specs appreciates that Enlinx has a more personal touch when challenges arise. Instead of a large, rotating pool of customer service associates with little in-depth knowledge about particular clients, Rex Specs knows that if they need help with a problem, they can get in touch with their Enlinx Account Manager (or their backup)  who personally knows their product and workflow. Now Rex Specs can get an answer in minutes, instead of days down the line.

Aiden remarked that there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to working with a 3PL, so it can be helpful to have a learning center resource the way Enlinx does.

“Understanding the full pick, pack, and ship process was really helpful,” said Aiden. “Most of the other 3PLs we worked with didn’t have the same level of double checks and oversight as Enlinx.” She further expressed her appreciation of Enlinx’s practice of thoroughly walking new customers through the process, as this was helpful in building her expectations of what the service could do for them.

Because of the clarity and confidence in the process that Enlinx instilled in Rex Specs, the company was subsequently able to pass these benefits directly to their own customers. They know that a high quality product will arrive at their door as part of an easy, reliable and efficient process.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone at Rex Specs for their continued collaboration as an exemplary business partner, and congratulations on your continuing growth as a company.

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