DHL Express International Enacts HTS Code Requirement

DHL Express International has increased its informational requirements for international-bound shipments.

According to recent communication, all international shipments running through DHL Express methods will require associated HTS (tariff) codes to be included at the time of label-buy.

The statement from DHL:

[…] Starting at midnight on April 13, 2019 (PDT), we will be requiring a non-empty value for the “hs tariff number” attribute to be passed in every Shipment Create request for DHL Express accounts as a technical requirement for DHL Express shipments.

HTS codes – or Harmonized Tariff Schedules are codes used to classify internationally traded goods. Developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to determine tariffs and duties – they are used across 200 participating countries. HTS codes will contain 6-10 digits.

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What this means to you

If you are shipping internationally with DHL, and do not have HTS codes associated to your products in Whiplash, you will need to get code values entered by April 13th or no longer have access to these methods.

We realize that this is short notice. Please find resources below to help assist in identifying appropriate HTS codes for your items and getting them updated in Whiplash. Correctly ID’ing your items’ HTS Codes on your own can be tricky. Many times your supplier or customs broker can help out here, but ultimately, as the exporter, you are responsible for ensuring that your goods are correctly classified.


Official HTS Code Lookup (US International Trade Commission)

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